The Problem with Material

Posted on August 04 2019

Underwear is an essential piece of fabric that you wear (probably) almost everyday. You can almost never go anywhere without wearing any underwear. Going ‘commando’ should even be an option, especially when you are going to go to a party or meeting someone important like the Prime Minister. Imagine meeting the Prime Minister without underwear, where almost everyone can see what is going on down there. Not to mention if you suddenly have an arousal coming up, while meeting the Prime Minister. Although it would be a great story to tell your children, it wouldn’t be pleasant sight for the Prime Minister to see and you could potentially get kicked out of their homestay for it. 

Now, enough about having an erection while meeting the Prime Minister of Australia, we are here to talk about underwear! We are almost sure that even the Prime Minister wears underwear for most of his/her day. Underwear is what keeps our package in check; they keep in place and give a sense of comfort and security. It is one of the most private and important decisions that you make because only a few will actually see it, but it is worn every day, everywhere, by everyone.

The general material for a great underwear is cotton. Cotton is very popular in the underwear industry as it can be easily obtained and processed. The processing technology in recent years have been advancing and generating tons of cotton supply. Cotton is the top choice material for a great quality underwear. However there have been many materials used in the past that is very interesting. The first form underwear that is known to mankind emerge during the prehistoric times. Men would wear what we know now as Loincloth, which is a material that is made out of leather. Men would wear this over their private parts to protect it from the wild nature around them. Nowadays however, new forms of cotton and material are emerging as people look for the most suitable material for underwear.

Choosing the best material for underwear is essential for comfort and security, as a number of different problems can emerge without the proper support from the material of your underwear. A few of the problems that men usually encounter with poor quality material for underwear includes:

  • Not being able to get your package to stay put. This is a problem that all men have encountered, not to mention publicly. Many men have tried to adjust their package to the most comfortable position secretly, in public.
  • Sweat and lots of sweat. Men sweat a lot, and with a poor quality material, the sweat will make it more uncomfortable for men to wear the underwear itself. Sweat also gives room for bacteria and other particles to grow in the underwear.
  • Hair pinching. You can feel like a pinch that is taking out the hair out of your pubic hair area. This is usually the case of after shaving your pubic hair.
  • Wedgies. Wedgies are one of the worst feelings ever. A poor quality underwear can trigger more wedgies to occur. 
  • Waistband marks. Most underwear has a band attached to the upper part to be able to stick to the waist and crotch area. Usually, the wrong fit can cause waistband marks, however, a poor quality material can cause even worse stretch marks. 

The problems mentioned above are only a few of the many problems that men usually encounter with poor quality underwear. Every man deserves to wear great quality underwear that is made from the finest quality of material. Men can feel more confident with the proper underwear that gives them the support they need by providing comfort and security to their private areas. 

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